Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Engineer Reverses His Diabetes, So Can You!

Hi, I'm DeWayne McCulley. Several years ago, I almost died from a diabetic coma with a blood glucose level of 1337. It was very scary because I didn't realize that I was diabetic!

Fortunately, I survived and was able to wean off the insulin and eventually return to work (as an engineer).

So, you see -- there is hope. If someone like me (who knew absolutely nothing about diabetes) can beat this disease, so can you. You don't have to resign yourself to a life of drugs, surgeries, and uncertainty.

Author's Perspective:             Reversing My Diabetes

When I was diabetic, I was overwhelmed by all of the medical terms and all of the things that I needed to do to manage my diabetes.

Although it's been quite a while since I felt like that, I haven't forgotten what it was like to feel overwhelmed and afraid of what was happening to me.

I tried to learn everything I could about diabetes and proper nutrition, but, the information in the libraries and on the Internet was confusing and conflicting

There were a lot of people on the Internet who swore that they had the answer to my diabetes. But, when I asked some questions, they always said that I had to buy their book first. They wouldn't explain how their book would help me with my diabetes. 

It bothered me that they wouldn't (or couldn't?) answer my questions. So I kept looking for answers concerning how to reverse my diabetes or, at least, slow down its progress.

Luckily for me, my mother and my daughter took care of me -- they made me eat a lot of Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and spinach (yuc! :-))

I was pleasantly surprised when my blood glucose level started to come down. As a result, my diabetes and my overall health improved dramatically. Consequently, I was able to wean off the insulin and other drugs within 4 months. 

But, a lot of people are not as fortunate as I was to have a mother and a daughter to help them with their health. This can be very scary. I still remember how I felt at the time. Even though my mother and daughter were helping me, I was still afraid that my diabetes was only going to get worse.

But, once I got better and weaned off the insulin and other drugs, both my mother and my daughter (plus several co-workers and friends) told me that I needed to share my experience with other diabetics.

I didn't think it was a big deal that I was off the insulin, but several people (including my primary care physician) felt that I had reversed my diabetes and that I was no longer diabetic -- this was the first time I heard the term "ex-diabetic."

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and several local churches invited me to speak to a diabetic support group and at several health fairs.

No matter where I went, people would always ask me if I had a book or if I were planning to write a book. So, because I didn't really want to invest the time to write a book, I created a 1-page pamphlet that I handed out at church events and local health fairs.

I thought that the pamphlet would satisfy everyone. but, instead, the pamphlet created more questions about writing a book.

So, I expanded the pamphlet into a 10-page then a 20-page document that eventually became a 75-page document. But, the questions about a book wouldn't stop. 

In addition, my mother had started telling her friends and other people that I was going to write a book. So, when I would go back home to visit my mother, a lot of people would ask me about the book!

One day while I was complaining about all of this to my daughter, she said: "Dad, you know, in many ways, you've already written the book." She said that she had run out of copies of my pamphlet because everyone at her job wanted a copy -- either for themselves or for a friend or a relative.

So, I finally gave in to my mother and my daughter; and, I wrote my first book, titled: Death to Diabetes

Here is a link to my book's description and the contents

But, I must admit, that after I wrote the book, I never expected that strangers would actually buy my book! And, I never expected that people would tell others about my book and even go and write great reviews about my book!

Okay, that's enough about me. Let's discuss how I can best help you with your diabetes.

Obviously, I'm not a doctor -- I'm just an engineer who was fortunate to learn from my experience with diabetes and write about it.

So, will my book help you? I think so, but, only if you're willing to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle. 

But, instead of trying to convince you that my book is right for you, I would rather suggest five things:

1. Try the first 3 steps of my book's program to see if it will work for you. If it does, then, you can buy my book.

2. Take a look at the 7 key factors that you should be looking for before you spend your hard-earned money on my book or anyone else's book about reversing diabetes. 

3. Fill out this form and download my free diabetes ebook that explains how to overcome the 7 most common mistakes that diabetics make.

4. Watch some of my videos on YouTube and join me on Facebook to read my latest diabetes research and see how other diabetics around the country (and, now around the world) are using my book and my program.

5. If you have questions, fill out our Contact Us form or call our toll-free number (1-800-813-1927).

Author's Story: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes


DeWayne McCulley is an ex-diabetic engineer, who survived a near-death diabetic coma, weaned off insulin (4 shots a day!), and reversed his Type 2 diabetes within 4 months ... and, now he is helping other diabetics prevent or reverse their diabetes every day! And, he can help you ...

If you want to get started today to begin reversing your diabetes, then, follow the instructions of the first 3 steps of his DTD program.

If you find it difficult believing the author's story, that's okay. There are a lot of stories on the Internet that are hard to believe ...

So, here is a PDF copy of Mr. McCulley's personal medical file from his primary care physician. This report shows that he was in a coma and had a blood glucose of 1337. This report also shows that he dramatically improved his fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1C back to the normal range within 4 months.

The Solution to Your Problem:  

Stop the Rot!

You have a problem: It's Type 2 diabetes.

Mr. McCulley has a solution: It's his book.

That's the way engineers think -- give them a problem, and they give you a solution.

His book (titled Death to Diabetes) will help you stop the rot and reverse your diabetes.

Mr. McCulley solved his problem by stopping the rot caused by his diabetes. And, when others solved their diabetes problem by using his program, he knew that he needed to share his solution with you -- to stop the rot and reverse your diabetes and prevent the onset of blindness, amputation kidney failure, heart attack and stroke.

Mr. McCulley used his engineering skills, analytical skills, test data, clinical research, his diabetes experience, and his understanding of diabetes pathology, medical sciences, and how the body works (physiology), to design a unique diabetes solution that actually works! -- in this case, a structured 6-stage reverse diabetes wellness model.

And, you can obtain this unique solution by obtaining the author's book, Death to Diabetes, which has helped thousands of diabetics.

In simple terms, diabetes is a rotting disease -- it slowly causes your body to rot from the inside out!

If you don't believe that diabetes is a rotting disease, then,just take a look at some of the complications that develop because of this disease:

Diabetic Complications

Once you understand that diabetes is a rotting disease, then, you don't have to be an engineer to figure out that the diabetic medications you're taking are not powerful enough to stop the rot!

Only plant-based whole foods contain powerful enough nutrients that can actually stop the rot and reverse your diabetes.

So, if you've done your research and you're ready to stop the rot and begin reversing your diabetes, then, we recommend that you start with the author's Death to Diabetes paperback book (or  PDF/ebook).

This book provides the foundation of knowledge that you need to successfully control, manage and reverse your diabetes; and, prevent the complications of blindness, amputation, kidney dialysis, and heart attack.

If you want to know more about this solution before you buy the book, then, read the following web pages about the book, the diabetes diet and the 6-stage diabetes wellness program:

If you don't believe that Type 2 diabetes is reversible, then, read the following web pages about clinical studies and reports, and what some medical doctors are now saying that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed!

What to Look For Before You Buy Anything

Before you buy anyone's book (including Mr. McCulley's), here are some of the things that you should be looking for in an effective diabetes diet and an effective diabetes wellness program:

Watch the videos, read the reports and try the program in order to learn why the Death to DiabetesĀ® Wellness Program will stop the rot and reverse your diabetes when all the other programs have failed.

FYI: Most of the diabetes programs out there fail because they focus strictly on controlling your blood sugar or losing weight and do not provide an effective solution that addresses the real root causes of the disease.

And, since some of the diabetes programs out there fail because they're scams designed to take your money and provide no effective solution, make sure that you read our Scams web page that explains how to recognize a diabetes scam.

So, when you're ready, let's get started on your journey to wellness ...

Death to Diabetes Book

Click the book cover (below) to order the diabetes book from our online store.

Author Sidebar 1: After I published my book, a couple years later, I created an expanded version of my book in PDF/ebook form (see below).

I did this primarily for my international customers who didn't want to pay the high USPS shipping charges for the paperback book. 

Death to Diabetes Ebook

Author Sidebar 2: Personally, I prefer the paperback book because it's a physical book that you can study and take notes; and, show to others.

Don't Let This Happen to You! It's Not Too Late: Take Action Now! 

I can't tell you how many diabetics I have met who thought this wasn't going to happen to them ... It's so sad, because it's preventable, as long as you take some action.

But, if you don't take action, there is a 100% certainty that you will eventually have to face one or more diabetic complications:

  • Leg, Foot or Toe Amputation
  • Kidney Dialysis/Kidney Failure/Transplant
  • Poor Vision/Blindness
  • Heart Attack/Stroke, Coma

You don't have to change everything all at once, just change one or two things to stop your body from rotting -- yes, rotting.

In very simple terms, diabetes is a rotting disease that destroys your cells, tissues and major organs over a period of years. 

And, the drugs that you're taking may appear to be working because they lower your blood sugar.

But, the drugs do absolutely nothing to stop the progression of your diabetes as the internal rotting of your cells and tissues continue.

You see, the drugs are not powerful enough to stop the rot. In fact, some of these drugs cause harm to your liver and kidneys; and, eventually, lose their effectiveness.

Because of this, your doctor either has to increase the dosage or put you on an additional drug -- until one day, you have to go on insulin.

Instead of continuing to rely on the drugs, try my Super Breakfast protocol or get my Death to Diabetes book (or ebook) today.

If you're not ready, then, at least, get my Power of Raw Juicing ebook

Don't become one of the people who calls us after the amputation, eye surgery or heart attack. Get my book now; or, email or call us if you have questions.

Diabetic Complications

Every day, thousands of diabetics face a leg or foot amputation; or, they face an eye surgery that eventually leads to blindness; or, they have to go on kidney dialysis and end up on a transplant list; or, they have a heart attack or stroke; or, (like the author), they end up in a diabetic coma.

You have the power within you to stop this before it happens to you. And, if it's already happening, you can still stop it from getting worse.

If you're not concerned about your health, then, think about your finances and how a major financial crisis could impact you and your loved ones. 

One of America's Dirty Secrets: Even if you have good health insurance, some diabetes-related surgeries or post-op care may not be covered as much as you think. It is one of the major reasons why Medical Debt is the Number 1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States. 643,000 people file for bankruptcy due to medical debt every year. Medical Debt is also the Number 1 cause of people losing their home.

Don't let his happen to you or a loved one! 

Benefits of The "Death to Diabetes" Book & Program to You

The following are some of the benefits of the Death to Diabetes Book and DTD Wellness Program to you and your family:
-- Lower and stabilized blood glucose levels
-- No need (or less need) for diabetic drugs
-- Able to avoid the "insulin addiction trap"
-- Able to lose weight and belly fat
-- Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
-- Able to avoid diabetic complications
-- Less pain and discomfort
-- Less hospital visits and surgeries
-- Financial savings
-- Able to enjoy eating without the anxiety       -- Less stress within the family
-- Can enjoy weddings, picnics, birthdays, etc.
-- Happier outlook on life
-- A lot less stress at work and elsewhere
-- Able to enjoy a better sex life
-- Able to help others after you get well

Note: Some of the benefits of this book have also been achieved by our non-diabetic clients.

Author Discusses His Recovery and Doctor's Denial of Being Able to Reverse His Diabetes

Below is a video of the author explaining his endocrinologist denying that he weaned off the insulin successfully and would be able to stay off the insulin:

PowerPoint Slides Overview

FYI: Here is a PowerPoint Slides Overview of the 560+ slides associated with the Death to Diabetes Health Coaching & Business Training Program.

The Raw Juicing/Smoothies Book
Click the book cover (below) to order the juicing book from our online store.

Uniqueness of DTD Program: 7 Reasons

The Death to Diabetes Program is unique, but, more importantly, very effective for seven (7) major reasons:

  1. Ex-diabetic: This program was developed by someone who was diabetic!
  2. Transparency: This program tells you its solution without having to buy the book. 
  3. Effectiveness: This program actually works and is verifiable before purchasing!
  4. Access to Author: This program provides direct access to the author to answer your questions. 
  5. Health Coaching: This program provides a free online health coaching consultation or training session with your purchase. 
  6. Money-saver/Income-generator: This program shows you how to save money and make money with the program!
  7. Product Diversity: This program provides a diverse set of products: books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, MP3 Downloads, PowerPoint Slides.

In addition, for those of you who are healthcare professionals or want to become healthcare professionals, there are several training programs, kits and services that allow you to help people and, at the same time, make money to earn a living or generate a secondary income for your family.

For more details about the uniqueness of this program, refer to the DTD Program Uniqueness web page.

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